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Experience the superior taste and quality of our homegrown melons and pumpkins. Each is carefully nurtured from seed to harvest, ensuring you enjoy the freshest, most flavorful produce available.

About Us

Meet Hagerman Canyon Farms

Hagerman Canyon Farms is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of pumpkins, watermelons, mini watermelons, sweet corn, pie pumpkins, and winter squash in the Northwest. We continue to have strong demand for our crops because we ship the highest quality produce. Despite challenges from freight costs, water availability, regulations, and competition from other crops in the main growing regions in the West, HCF remains a competitive alternative. Idaho provides a favorable environment for agriculture to thrive, with farms enjoying ample water. Being grown locally in the Northwest means lower freight costs and a higher quality product delivered fresher to the consumer. We take great pride in our ability to deliver high-quality local produce. To this day, we are still a family-owned and operated business.


Learn About Our Crops

Discover the rich variety of crops we cultivate, meticulously grown to provide the highest quality produce. Explore the farming practices and sustainability efforts that ensure our crops are both delicious and environmentally friendly.


We grow and hand-pick 600 acres of seedless watermelon on our farm, cooling them in spring water before distributing them across the western states under our Hagermelon brand from July 10th to September 20th.

Pumpkins / Winter Squash

We grow 300 acres of jack o lantern pumpkins with drip irrigation for better quality, alongside various squash varieties, and distribute them in decorative bins across the western US under our Hager-Jack brand for Halloween and fall decoration.

Sweet Corn

We harvest sweet corn from July to September, shipping it across the western US after it’s picked in the cool morning, cooled in fresh spring water at our farm, sorted, graded, and packed into 4 dozen cases with ice for prolonged freshness, facilitated by our unique spring water cooling process.

Interested In Employment?

We are always looking for the next person to join our growing team. We offer an exciting fast paced work environment. It can be challenging and demanding at times, but it is extremely rewarding. If you are looking for the next opportunity in your career, consider a career with Hagerman Canyon Farms.


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Stay updated with the latest happenings on our farm through “Farm News.” From seasonal crop updates to new sustainable practices, get an insider’s look at the day-to-day operations.

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